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Zazenkai provides an opportunity to set aside our other responsibilities and dedicate a day to full engagement in the practice of wakefulness. We bring mindful awareness to all aspects of the day including sitting and walking meditation, a recorded Dharma Talk and mindful meals. Meals borrow some elements of Oryoki but do not follow full Oryoki form.

Participants should have previous experience with meditation and must commit to participation in the entire program. Registration is required. There is no charge for the event.

To register, or if you have any questions, please call Jeff at 410.419.4659.

Zazenkai Schedule:

6:40 Doors open – Noble Silence observed
7:00 Zazen
7:30 Kinhin
7:40 Zazen
8:10 Kinhin
8:20 Zazen
8:50 Break

9:00 Breakfast and clean up
9:45 Break

10:00 Zazen
10:30 Kinhin
10:40 Zazen
11:10 Kinhin
11:20 Zazen
11:50 Break

12:00 Lunch and clean up
12:45 Break

1:30 Zazen
1:55 Kinhin
2:05 Recorded Dharma Talk by Steve Hagen
2:55 Kinhin
3:05 Zazen

3:30 Tea

4:00 Zazen
4:25 Kinhin
4:35 Zazen
5:00 Noble Silence ends